Monday, January 20, 2014

Fast Hidradenitis Suppurativa Cure, Review

Plagiarism is the first word that comes to mind as I scroll through the webpage and e-book on, “Fast Hidradenitis Suppurativa Cure,” by Therese Wilson.
It mimic’s Vivian Gales, “Natural Treatment for the Relief of HS” by 80% or more, both her web page and book. I know because I am Vivian Gale and have taken the time to look it over in detail. The parts that are not exact are an elaboration of a point made or a remedy suggested by Ms. Gale, who’s webpage and book were done in 2009 and have been available in e-book format for sale or donation nearly 5 years now.

This authors’ identity is questionable; her name is only mentioned once in the body of the e-book. She doesn’t sign it as an author in the beginning or end of the book, nor are there any pictures of her period. There are pictures of random people with HS from the internet. One of them looks like one of my own. The book is 61 pages, of which 33 of them are history on the disease, then 22 pages of glossary and index in the back. That doesn't leave much room for anything else.

She offers “Free Gifts” as downloads when you purchase the book at the whopping price of $39, that also have no signatures and were likely stolen or misused from other’s hard labor as well. At the end of the e-book and “Free Gifts,” in place of the authors’ signature, there is a link to public domain which is not telling of anything except perhaps who host the page.

She even has the nerve to offer free lifetime updates like I do in my book. There’s a Blog on entitled, “Consumer Reporting” that acts as a review of Fast HS Cure. But is just that, a blog written by some guy who has no other blogs just this one. I first came across it on January 8, 2014. I’ve been wondering how she’s getting all these reviews so quickly and all over the internet; easy when you’re making it up yourself or have a friend do it. In fact, IT’S NOT FROM CONSUMER REPORTS AT ALL! Here’s a link to that misleading blog.

My book is obviously written by a person who can be identified and does identify myself Vivian Gale, as the author. It show’s my before and after photos and relates my real life personal experiences. More than half of her e-book is medical reports explaining what the disease is. People who have the disease don’t want to know all those facts and are certainly not going to put tea tree oil on their open wounds as the author suggest. It would be too painful.
I don’t believe this author has ever had HS. I think she’s just an opportunist trying to capitalize off others pain and others hard work and research. She also claims that she is going to provide scientific proof!”

“Backed by scientific evidence - over 55 medical journals and peer-reviewed research papers are referenced in the book!”
I was hard pressed to find this scientific proof, and it’s unclear what it’s supposed to be proving, the facts of the disease, or the “cure?”
Please do not support this work of plagiarism.


I had a HS Support Group on for a few years with over 100 followers. When I was in the hospital in 2013, 2 and ½ months my page was taken down by Ning. It appeared as though they now wanted $19.95 per month for a site I was paying $2.95 per month for.
Instead of doing it over and paying Ning I decided to move the page to my official website. That’s why you will see © 2009 on the bottom of the page and 2013 on the top of the Blog on my website.

My final comments are:

• Please do not support this work, it's plagiarism!

• All of the content in the e-book and free gifts appear to be stolen or plagiarism!

• This author cannot be properly identified or found on Facebook or Twitter

• This work is scam!

The information may be helpful to the consumer, but the work is obviously stolen primarily from Vivian Gale’s book, Hidradenitis Suppurativa “Natural Approaches for the relief of HS.”

Vivian Gale, AS. BA, Counselor and Author
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